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OMNISTAB UV 1084—special UV absorbent for agricultural film

Time : 2019-08-09

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Ultraviolet absorbent is a kind of light stabilizer, which can selectively and strongly absorb the ultraviolet part of the sun light and fluorescent light source harmful to polymer, and has high light resistance. According to its structure, it can be divided into salicylic acid esters, diphenylketones, benzotriazoles, substituted acrylonitrile, triazines, etc. Because practical photostabilizers need to meet other performance requirements at the same time, the most widely used in industry are o-hydroxyl aromatic compounds, such as diphenylketones and benzotriazoles. The UV absorbers of o-hydroxyl aromatic compounds can form intramolecular hydrogen bond chelating ring, and their light resistance comes from their ability to carry out reversible phenol-quinone-tautomerism conversion cycle through very fast excited intramolecular proton transfer and efficient irradiated deactivation process, thus effectively converting excitation energy into harmless thermal energy.

Quanching agent is a kind of material which through intermolecular energy transfer (long-term energy transfer and contact or collision or exchange energy transfer), quickly and effectively to excited state molecules(singlet and triplet state substances) quenching and converted into heat energy or into a fluorescence or phosphoresence, and radiation loss, return to the ground state. It can protect it from ultraviolet radiation and stabilize polymer material through this process. Most of quenching agents are metal complexes, such as divalent nickel complex, and often used with ultraviolet absorbent, to play a synergistic role. Therefore, it is different from ultraviolet absorbent (which does not strongly absorb ultraviolet radiation), and its mechanism of action is different from that of ultraviolet absorbent (Transfer energy through intramolecular structural change). For example, UV 1084, which is known as 2, 2-thio-bis (4-tert-octyl phenol) n-butylamine nickel salt in Chinese.

OMNISTAB UV 1084 is mainly used in polyethylene film and agricultural film. It not only has the function of anti-ultraviolet radiation, but also has the function of anti-oxidant. It has a high resistance to pesticides and acid, and is widely used in polypropylene, polyethylene fiber, artificial lawn and other fields. It is a kind of light stabilizer which belong to quenching agent, which can effectively transfer the excited state energy of the chromogenic groups in the polymer and dissipate it in a harmless form, thus making the polymer immune to photodegradation.

OMNISTAB UV 1084 has a small staining property, It chelates polyolefin dyes, it can improve dyeing properties, has low toxicity, and is less irritating to the skin. It is particularly suitable for products that are often used at high temperatures or subjected to prolonged exposure to the sun.It also works well with other forms of stabilizers, especially UV absorbers. It has strong compatibility with polyolefin products. It has high stability when used in polyethylene agricultural film and polypropylene artificial lawn.

In addition, in PVC agricultural film, UV 1084 is often used with DHT products. DHT is a halogen purifying agent, which can effectively absorb HCL generated by decomposition of PVC during processing and operating, and improve the thermal stability of PVC. In addition, DHT has a low water content and a similar refractive index to olefin, which makes it a very suitable halogen purifier for transparent olefin films. When we use UV1084 and DHT together, they produce long-term climate resistance.

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