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A new generation of uv absorbers——Omnistab® UV-400

Time : 2019-09-25

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With the improvement of people's living, almost all family have their own car. No doubt that we all do not want the paint surface cracks appear on the surface of our cars after using for some time, and even the problem of paint fading. In fact, as early as in the automotive production process, manufacturers have begun to look for automotive coatings that can resist the extreme environment. When it comes to paint, when we are dealing with home decorating, we also take into account a similar problem——how to find the coating that it is not easy to volatilize into the air, and actually this has been a major problem of decoration in the world.

Now, We would like to introduce our product——Omnistab® UV-400, which can simultaneously enhanced the weather ability of car paint and substantially alleviate the problems of paint decoration weather ability and of UV absorber.

Omnistab® UV-400 is a kind of triazine liquid UV absorber for coating products, it is developed for industrial coatings, automotive coatings and other coatings with high performance and durability. It has the following advantages:

1.Excellent thermal stability and environmental durability, suitable for paint products used in high temperature or other extreme conditions;

2. Low migration, high efficiency;

3. Good light stability, long using life;

4. It can be used in waterborne paint with environmental protecting

In terms of product performance, Omnistab®UV-400 has reached the same level with some well-known domestic additives products supplier. Omnistab® UV-400 can replace foreign products. From the above absorption spectrum, we could find that the absorption parameters are almost identical. Omnistab® UV-400 can be considered as an alternative to expensive foreign products.

Omnistab® UV-400 is an ultraviolet absorber which has no internal reaction with other components of the target product system, and is specially used for amine catalysis or metal catalytic curing coating system. Because of its light color and good stability, UV-400 is also particularly suitable for use in UV curing coatings.

The application of UV-400 with LS 292 or LS 123 can significantly improve the performance, and the synergistic effect can obviously improve the gloss of varnish, reduce the occurrence of cracks and bubbles, paint off color and so on.

OMNISTAB® UV-400 are developed by our Israel Laboratory, more information about products can be found in our official website: We look forward to your inquiry!

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