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Little Wang

Little Wang

Title :General Manager Assistant (In charge of Purchasing and Sales)

Bachelor of English

TEM 8, Master the foreign meeting and business negotiation skills. Familiar with the raw materials suppliers both on the domestic and overseas market.

Familiar with the change of main raw materials’ supply and demand situation.

Provide effective advice and planning of procurement for whole group.

Responsible for the analysis and formulation for the sales strategy and objectives of ICG China, perform and complete the sales task.

Tel:+86 135 0642 0964

Carina Zhang

Carina Zhang

Title : Sales & Technique support

Polymer Chemistry and Physics

Master of Polymer Chemistry and Physics

5 years’ experience in International Trade for chemicals and rubber&plastic processing.

Proficient in plastic processing and the applications for products.

Provide effective technical solutions and using suggestions for customers.

Responsible for solving the technical problems and sales for Asia-pacific region and Southeast Asia region.

Tel:+86 136 1639 8945

Summer Zhai

Summer Zhai

Title: Sales & Technique support

Bachelor of international economics and trade

At least 3 years international trade experience in chemical products. Mainly responsible for maintaining cooperative relations with customers in China, South Korea and southeast Asia; Company website promotion and operation. Respond to customer inquiries in time, and according to customers demand characteristics to provide the best product solutions.Establish good customer relations and communication channels, find potential customers in the market, listen to and understand customer needs, and develop new customer resources.

Tel:+86 18653297552

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