Omnistab TB7 

Omnistab TB7 

· Chemical Name:Poly-tert-butylphenol disulphide

· CAS:60303-68-6

· Molecular formula:(C10H14O)x.(Cl2S2)y

Structural formula:
Omnistab TB7 

Owen TB7 is a natural and synthetic rubber sulfur feeder.In the processing process, cefta TB7 can produce a high percentage of disulfide crosslinking for rubber vulcanization, resulting in superior aging resistance.

Ovald TB7 can completely or partially replace sulfuream, DTDM and other sulfur feeders in EV and semi-ev curing systems.

In tyres, the ovonde TB7 is used in lining, lining, lining, sidewall and tread.

Polymer system: can be used in natural rubber and synthetic elastomers.Especially in chlorinated polymers such as neoprene rubber and neoprene rubber.

Ovald TB7 has the same effect as other rubber promoters and can promote the dispersion of other additives in polymers.

Owend TB7 does not produce any nitrosamines and has better performance compared with DTDM and tyrum.

Black self-developing agent, anthracine dye and azo dye, synthetic gas desulfurization process solvent, rubber processing agent, food and coating stabilizer and antioxidant, in addition, can also be used as oil anticoagulant, catalytic preparation of ammonia, etc.


Appearance Yellow powder
Sulfur content,(%) 29.00-31.00
Softening point (℃) 95.00-115.00
6、Storage and Transport:
Keep container tightly closed. Avoid ingestion and inhalation.

Storage and transportation

25KG Carton or as customers’ requirements

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