Omnistab NFW 450%

Omnistab NFW 450%

· Chemical Name:Derivatives of bisphenylene - based compounds

· CAS: NFW12


Component: Stilbene 2-YL Compound Derivatives 
Appearance: Light yellow powder 
Ionicity: Anion 
PH Stability: 3-12 
Fluorescene: 100±1 
●Fluoresene radiation of purple blue ,improve the whiteness in the sunlight 
●Strong affinity to Nylon ,Wool and Silk,medium affinity to cellulose fibre 
●High stability to reductant and Hydrogen peroxide 
●High whiteness and strong color fastness ,Staining temperature between 80-100 ℃ 
●It is useful to Nylon,Polyamide,Wool,Cotton,Silk as brightener 


1. Wool ( Dip-dye) 
Dosage : 0.10 - 0.5% 
Sodium sulfate: 2-5g/L 
Hydrogen peroxide(35%): 4-12g/L 
Hydrogen peroxide bleaching stabilizer: 2-4g/L 
NaOH(100%): 0.5-2.5g/L 
Liquor ratio: 1:10-20 

2.Nylon /cellulose fibre blend (Dip-dye) 
The Dip-dye and bleaching process had better be conducted simultaneously 
Dosage : 0.1-0.25% 
Sodium dithionite: 2-5g/L 
Sodium sulfate: 1-3g/L 
Chelation dispersant: 1-2g/L 
Purificant: 1g/L 
PH: 7 
Temperature: 90-100℃ for 30-40minutes 
Before drying please neutralize the residue of reductant by drogen peroxide(35%) ,0.5g/L 
In case of pungent odor yellow stain during drying process.

Storage and transportation

Please take the campatibility and stability into consideration when use together with other additives. 
25 kg drum, keep away from heat ,keep dry and ventilation

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