Industrial Glycine

Industrial Glycine

· Chemical Name:Industrial Glycine

· CAS:56-40-6

· Molecular formula:C2H5NO2

· Molecular weight:75.07

Structural formula:
Industrial Glycine

1.Used as an additive to the galvanizing solution;
2.Used as a PH regulator;
3.Used as an intermediate of pesticides, e.g. key raw material for Herbicide Glyphosate.

Best GradeGrade 1Qualified
Assay % ≥98.598.097.5
Chloride (Cl) % ≤0.400.500.60
Loss on drying % ≤0.300.60
Iron Fr % ≤0.0030.005
Residue on ignition % ≤0.10-

            PH value 

(50g/L water solution)

Clarity testclear and bright

Storage and transportation

25kg bags, Handling with care, keeping air-tight and dry.

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