How to solve the core burning problem of PU foam?

Polyurethane is mainly divided into molded flexible foam, block flexible foam, rigid foam, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers(TPU), etc..

More 05 Jul, 2024
Polyurethane foam new partner -OMNISTAB HN-150 ultra-fine powder

Polyurethane is an important polymer material, and its excellent physical and chemical properties are widely used in industry and daily life.

More 21 Jun, 2024
How to choose a proper UV absorber for cosmetics?

Moderate sun exposure is beneficial to human health and promotes vitamin D synthesis. However, sunlight is energetic, and prolonged exposure to the sun or lack of attention to sun protection can lead to many skin problems, such as causing sun spots and hyperpigmentation.

More 13 Jun, 2024
Weathering additives for Automotive coating

Automotive primers have gone through several major changes such as oil-based primer, nitro primer, alkyd resin primer

More 13 Jun, 2024
Automotive Nylon Engineering Plastic Modification

Nylon engineering plastics(Abbreviation is PA), refers to the main chain of the molecule contains repeated amide groups(-NHCO-) thermoplastic resin general term.

More 13 Jun, 2024
OMNISTAB® UV6160--The replacement of UV326, have you found it?

UV 326 is kind of benzotriazole UV absorber with the dual function of light stabilizer and antioxidant. It can absorb 270-380nm of UV light, with a peak absorption of 353nm.

More 30 May, 2024
OMNISTAB® AN6132--high-efficiency and eco-friendly phosphite antioxidant for PVC

Phosphite antioxidants are the backbone of auxiliary antioxidants, which can convert hydroperoxide ROOH into radical-free, unreactive and thermally stable product.

More 22 Apr, 2024
How to get ABS resin with excellent weatherability?

Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) copolymer has both the rigidity of acrylonitrile, the toughness of butadiene and the easy processing properties of styrene.

More 12 Apr, 2024
How to improve the UV resistance of PVC resin? -OMNISTAB UV312

Due to the strong polarity of the PVC molecular chain, usually it needs higher processing temperature, and need to add plasticizers to reduce its intermolecular gravitational force, and thus increase the flexibility of the products.

More 29 Mar, 2024

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