OMNISTAB®UV1 High-efficiency liquid UV absorber for polyurethane

OMNISTAB®UV1 is a high-efficiency liquid methimazole UV absorber, which can effectively absorb ultraviolet light from 240 to 330 nm, and almost completely absorb it in the band of 300 to 330 nm.

More 19 Feb, 2024
Omnistab AN 6133--Special additives for polyurethane soft foam

Polyurethane soft foam, commonly known as polyurethane sponge or foam, is a flexible material with a certain level of elasticity.

More 01 Feb, 2024
PFAS—Chemical that can be used in various ways

The full English name of PFAS is Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, that is, perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl compounds. PFAS is a series of synthetic organic fluorides, including PFOS, PFOA, PFNA and other compounds.

More 31 Jan, 2024
Wide absorption type UV absorber for transparent polyester -OMNISTAB UV3638

Polyester materials play an important role in various industries because of their good mechanical properties and high transparency. For example, in the construction industry, transparent PC sheet is widely used as an outdoor sunshade.

More 18 Jan, 2024
Excellent antioxidant against NOx fumigation yellowing -OMNISTAB AN9142

During plastic production and use process, due to the structural characteristics of the material and processing temperature, oxygen, light, air pollutants and other external environmental factors, plastics age very easily.

More 05 Jan, 2024
Asymmetric hindered phenol antioxidant, provide better color stability!

Conventional hindered phenol antioxidants are also known as symmetrically hindered phenol antioxidants, i.e., they have the same two substituents in the neighboring positions of the phenolic hydroxyl group.

More 08 Dec, 2023
Low alkaline HALS, solve the light stability problem of acid system

Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) have attracted widespread attention since publication because of their excellent photostabilizing properties.

More 08 Dec, 2023
Eco-frilendly& No phenol Antioxidant for PU Soft Foam

PU soft foam refers to flexible polyurethane with certain elasticity, commonly known as PU sponge/foam. This kind of foam plastic has good elasticity, generally has the properties of low density, good elastic recovery, sound absorption, heat preservation, etc.

More 06 Nov, 2023
High molecular weight HALS, provides better Stability

With the continuous expansion of polymer material applications, low molecular weight HALS have been difficult to meet some high temperature processing environments and applications with high standards of material weathering because of the defects of easy migration, volatility, and intolerance of extraction.

More 13 Oct, 2023

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