How to choose a proper UV absorber for cosmetics?


ØWhy its necessary to protect our skin from the sun?

Moderate sun exposure is beneficial to human health and promotes vitamin D synthesis. However, sunlight is energetic, and prolonged exposure to the sun or lack of attention to sun protection can lead to many skin problems, such as causing sun spots and hyperpigmentation.

When we're exposed to the sun, UV radiation damages the DNA, proteins and other molecules found within our skin cells, says Richard Gallo, professor of medicine at University of California.

More than 80% of melanoma skin cancer cases are caused by sunburnand this number is rising year on year.

The shorter the wavelength of UV light, the more damage it does to our skin, with the UVA and UVB wavelengths having the greatest impact on skin health.

ØHow to protect skin from UV damage?

Normally what people refer to as sunscreen is UVA and UVB protection.

The PFA value of sunscreen cosmetic labels represents the ability to protect against long-wavelength UVA rays.

The SPF value represents the ability to protect against medium-wavelength UVB rays.

To reach a broad-spectrum sun protection, it is critical to choose the right chemical sunscreen according to the sun protection value required!


ØAre you searching for high-safety UV absorbers for cosmetics?

We supply the following high-safety UV absorbers, for complete protection in the UVB and UVA bands!

OMNISTAB UV3039 (Octocrilene)

Chemical structure of UV3039


OMNISTAB UV3039, also known as Octocrilene, is an oil-soluble UV absorber commonly used in sunscreen cosmetics. Its maximum absorption wavelength is 308nm, it can absorb UV-B and a small amount of UV-A, it’s a class I sunscreen approved by FDA.



Chemical structure of UV BP-3


OMNISTAB UV BP-3 can absorb both UVA and UVB, its class Ⅰ sunscreen approved by FDA. It is widely used in sunscreen cream, honey, lotion, oil and other cosmetics.



OMNISTAB Avobenzone

Chemical structure of Avobenzone


OMNISTAB Avobenzone has a strong absorption in the UVA band due to its enol structure, with a maximum absorption peak at 345nm, and is particularly suitable for sunscreen systems in the PH 3-9.


In addition to the above mentioned chemical sunscreens, we also supply Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Octisalate, etc. Feel free to contact us if you have any interest.

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