· Chemical Name:1,5,9-cyclododecanetriene

· CAS:4904-61-4

· Molecular formula:C12H18

· Molecular weight:162.27

Structural formula:

For the production of cyclododecane, cyclododecyl alcohol, cyclododecone, musk ketone and so on.

Used in the production of flame retardant, nylon intermediate, synthetic rubber, flavoring agent, spices, etc.It is also used to make saturated and unsaturated dibasic acids and their derivatives as raw materials for polyester, polyamide and plasticizer.



appearance:Colorless transparent liquid

content:99.50% min

Storage and transportation

This product is transported as general chemical product, pay attention to prevent rain, moistureproof, store in dry and ventilated place.

200 kg/BBL;Can also be packed according to customer requirements

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