Omnistab UV B-75

Omnistab UV B-75

· Chemical Name:OMNISTAB B-75

· CAS:LS-292   (41556-26-7) AN-1135  (125643-61-0) UV-571  (23328-53-2)

· Molecular formula:LS-292  (C30H56N2O4) AN-1135 (C25H42O3) UV-571  (C25H35N3O)

· Molecular weight:LS-292:   508.78 AN-1135: 390.60 UV-571:  393.56

Structural formula:
Omnistab UV B-75

UV b-75 is mainly used in polyurethane.Reaction injection molding Polyurethane (RIM Polyurethane), for example, thermoplastic Polyurethane elastomer (TPU).Ove b-75 can also be used in adhesives or polyurethane coatings such as tarpaulin, undercloth and synthetic leather.

VU b-75 can effectively prevent the degradation of polyurethane products under light or climate conditions, such as polyurethane sole, instrument panel, door panel, steering wheel, door and window sealing strip, headrest and handrail.

In addition, UV b-75 can be easily added to aromatic polyurethane and aliphatic polyurethane products for thermoplastic molding products, semi-rigid polyurethane self-laminating foams, and other polyurethane coatings.

UV b-75 can be used with natural dyes or other colored materials, especially for the light stabilizer of the above products.

As a liquid antioxidant with excellent performance, UV b-75 has the advantages of being able to be poured and pumped, free of dust pollution during use and short mixing time.All liquids do not precipitate during the storage of polyols, even at low temperature.


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25kg Plastic Drum or as customer's requirements.

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