Deltachem will meet you at the international plastics exhibition in mumbai, India in 2020



2020年1月16日至20日,Plastivision India 2020国际塑料展将在印度孟买举行,届时我司将参展。





Plastivision India 2020 Exhibition will be held in Bombay, India, from the 16th of Jan 2020 to 20th of Jan 2020. At that time, we will join the exhibition.

Address: Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), India   

Time:16th to 19th, January 2020,10:00-18:00

      20th, January 2020 , 10:00-17:00

Booth Number:Hall 3, booth: C0-26

Plastivision India印度国际塑料展览会一直是全球十大塑料专业性展览之一,在国际上有很高的知名度与深远的影响力。该展览会每三年一届,2017年共计1800家参展商参展,展商和观众来自30多个不同国家。预计2020年孟买展会将有来自60多个国家,2000家印度与国外知名企业参展,观众及采购人数将达到135000名以上,参展面积有望达到110000平方米。该展会覆盖面广泛,企业之间交流融洽,因此我们也将其视为寻找合作伙伴、扩大业务范围的重要渠道之一。

The Plastivision India international plastic exhibition is one of the top 10 plastic exhibitions in the world and has maintained a high international profile and influence. It is held in every three years, has 1800 exhibitors in 2017 , exhibitors and visitors from more than 30 different countries. It is estimated that there will be over 2,000 well-known India and abroad enterprises from over 60 countries to participate in this exhibition in 2020. The number of visitors and purchasers will reach over 135,000, and the exhibition area is expected to reach 110,000 square meters. The exhibition covers widely and brings harmonious communication between enterprises. As a result , we also regard it as an important method to find partners and expand business scope.

一直以来我们高度重视国际和国内市场的综合发展,公司历来重视展会效果,已与多家知名企业建立了长期牢固的商业关系和个人友谊。"欧稳德"是我司的独有品牌, 此次展会上展示的欧稳德®系列主要产品为:紫外线吸收剂、光稳定剂、荧光增白剂、光引发剂、抗氧剂等。届时期待与您的交流和合作。

Deltachem always attach great importance to international and domestic market development, we have built a strong business relationship and personal friendship with many world-famous enterprises. "OMNISTAB®"is our brand, and we will show the OMNISTAB® series products of UV absorber, Light stabilizer, Optical Brighter, Photoinitiator, Antioxidant at this time. We look forward to your communication and cooperation at this time.

“Share more , gain more”,我们相信资源共享、交流合作可以创造成功。“Solutions by Innovation”是我们德达特化集团长期追求的目标,“Plas more possibilities”代表我们的创新精神,将给橡塑行业带来无限的可能。我们将为您提供最优质的产品和最优良的服务,我们真诚期待您的加入!

“Share more , gain more" , We believe that resource sharing, communication and cooperation can create success. “Solutions by Innovation” is the long-term goal of our Deltachem group. “Plas more possibilities” is an Innovation that brings infinite possibilities to the rubber and plastic industry. We will provide our best quality products and best service for you, and we sincerely look forward to your participation!

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