Omnistab MCA

Omnistab MCA

· Chemical Name:Melamine cyanurate

· CAS:37640-57-6

· Molecular formula:C6H9N9O3

· Molecular weight:255.19

Structural formula:
Omnistab MCA

MCA is a halogen-free flame retardant for polyamide. It has established itself as the flame retardant to achieve UV 94 V-0 especially for polyamide 6 and PA66 good mechanical and electrical properties.It also results in significant advantages in terms of fire safety,lower smoke density, lower smoke-toxicity and less corrosion.


White crystalline powder, nontoxic, odorless, in dissolvable in water and most organic solvents.




Residue cyanuric acid






Loss on drying



PH value



Particle size



Storage and transportation

Handling with care, keeping airtight and dry.
20kg/25kg woven bags.

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