Omnistab LS 123

Omnistab LS 123

· Chemical Name:Bis (1-octaxy -2,2,6, 6-tetramethyl-4-piperidine) sebacate

· CAS:129757-67-1

· Molecular formula:C44H84N2O6 

· Molecular weight:737.15

Structural formula:
Omnistab LS 123

As a light stabilizer, suitable for polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, polyurethane, polystyrene, ABS tree fat, etc., its light stabilization effect is better than the commonly used light stabilizer.When used with antioxidant, it can improve heat resistance, and when used with ultraviolet absorbent, it can further improve light stability.

AppearanceClear pale yellow liquid
Monomer Assay65.00% min
Oligomers20.00% max
Volatile2.00% max
Ash0.10% max
Transmittance450nm: 95.00% min

500nm: 96.00% min

Storage and transportation

This product is transported as general chemical product, pay attention to prevent rain, moistureproof, store in dry and ventilated place.

25kg plastic drum;Can also be packed according to customer requirements

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