Omnistab AN B9215

Omnistab AN B9215

· Chemical Name:AN 1010 is compounded with AN626 in a ratio of 1:2

· CAS:AN 1010:6683-19-8; AN 626:26741-53-7

· Molecular formula:AN 1010:C73H108O12  AN 626:C33H50O6P2

· Molecular weight:AN 1010:1177.65  AN 626:  604.00

Structural formula:
Omnistab AN B9215

It is a new high temperature antioxidant. Under high and super high temperature (above 300DC). It will bring excellent processing stability and color improvement to the resin.It can be widely used in polypropylene, polyethylene, PBT, PET,polypropylene fiber spinning etc.


Volatiles(%)                                   0.50max

Acid value(mgKOH/g)                   1.00max

Alkyl hydroxybenzene(%)              1.00max

Ratio(AN 1010:AN 626)                 1:2(±5%)

Storage and transportation

25 KG Bag or as customers’s requirement.

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