Omnistab AN B6225

Omnistab AN B6225

· Chemical Name:Omnistab AN B6225 is synergetic blend of Omnistab AN 168 and Omnistab AN 1010 and AN 626

· CAS:AN 168:31570-04-4;AN 1010:6683-19-8;AN 626:26741-53-7

· Molecular formula:AN 168:C42H63O3P AN 1010:C73H108O12  AN 626:C33H50O6P2

· Molecular weight:AN 168: 646.93 AN 1010:1177.65  AN 626:  604.00

Structural formula:
Omnistab AN B6225

This product is a ternary compatible antioxidant, which has a long-term protective effect on polymers. It is widely used in polyolefin, polyamide, polycarbonate, ABS resin and other polymer materials.


Volatiles(%)                                            0.50max

Alkyl hydroxybenzene(%)                      1.00max

Ratio:(AN 1010: AN 168: AN 626)          42.5:42.5:15(±5%)

Storage and transportation

25 KG Bag or as customers’s requirement.

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