Omnistab AN B921

Omnistab AN B921

· Chemical Name:AN 168 is compounded with AN 1076 by 2:1

· CAS:AN 168:31570-04-4 AN 1076:2082-79-3

· Molecular formula:AN 168:C42H63O3P AN 1076:C35H62O3

· Molecular weight:AN 168: 646.93 AN 1076:530.87

Structural formula:
Omnistab AN B921

This product has good extraction resistance, outstanding processing stability for polyolefin, and salable protective effect for products. Through the synergistic effect of AN168 and AN1076, it can effectively inhibit thermal degradation and oxidative degradation of polymer, which is widely used in polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, ABS resin and other polymer materials.





White powder/granule


0.50% max

Clarity of solution

clear solution


425nm: 96.00% min   500nm:  98.00% min

Components content

OMNISTAB AN 1076: 28.30-38.30%

OMNISTAB AN 168: 61.70-71.70%

Storage and transportation

This product is transported as general chemical product, pay attention to prevent rain, moistureproof, store in dry and ventilated place.

25kg bags;Can also be packed according to customer requirements.

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