Omnistab AN 1520

Omnistab AN 1520

· Chemical Name:4,6-bis(octylthiomethyl)-o-cresol

· CAS:110553-27-0

· Molecular formula:C25H44OS2

· Molecular weight:424.75

Structural formula:
Omnistab AN 1520

This product is an antioxidant for rubber.Mainly used in styrene-butadiene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, nitrile rubber, thermoplastic elastomer and other synthetic rubber, its dosage is less, the antioxidant effect is good, can improve the stability of plastic or synthetic plastic.Belongs to the environmental protection antioxidant, has realized the rubber product from the universal type to the environmental protection type transformation.This product can also be used in lubricants, sealants, plastics and other polymer polymer, have excellent antioxidant performance.

The use of ANTIOXIDANT 1520 alone can achieve the desired stabilizing effect whether in the process of processing or in the long aging process at high temperature.ANTIOXIDANT 1520 can also be used with other types of additives, such as antioxidants, light stabilizers, and other functional stabilizers





Light yellow liquid


96.00% min


425nm: 95.00% min

Storage and transportation

This product is transported as general chemical product, pay attention to prevent rain, moistureproof, store in dry and ventilated place.

25kg net cardboard drum (lined with PE bag);Can also be packed according to customer requirements.

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