Omnistab AN 6136

Omnistab AN 6136

· Chemical Name:Unpublished

· CAS:Unpublished


Omnistab AN6136 is a new generation of phenol-free phosphite antioxidant which is environmental-friendly. It doesn’t contian the free phenol like phenol,nonylphenol or Bisphenol A etc. Omnistab AN6136 has the advantages of low volatility, good heat resistance and good compatibility. It also can be widely used in PVC, ABS, SBR,CR etc. In addition, because of its high oxygen resistance, the dosage of 6136 is half of the traditional antioxidant, it still shows excellent heat resistance. 

Polyurethane materials such as TPU elastomer, foam and textile materials are easy to cause phenolic yellowing, and Omnistab AN6136 can inhibit the yellowing of products caused by phenolic compounds and also reduce the yellowing caused by gas fumigation (NOx).

Acid Value(mgKOH/g)(25℃)0.30max 
Refractive Index(25℃) 1.4500-1.4700 

Storage and transportation

25KG drum or as customer's requirements.

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