Omnistab BlueRay Absorber 43

Omnistab BlueRay Absorber 43

· Chemical Name:BlueRay Absorber 43

· CAS:Unpublished

Structural formula:
Omnistab BlueRay Absorber 43

The most important property of BlueRay Absorber 43 is that it is basically insoluble in common food ingredients such as acetic acid, ethanol, cooking oil, and water. Due to this, it has passed the EFSA food contact migration . However, the low solubility of BlueRay Absorber 43 does not affect its high compatibility with most commodity plastics like PET, PC, PA, PMMA, and PP. It has an extraordinary heat stability , which allows it to be used in plastics that are processed at high temperatures, such as PC and PA.


Storage and transportation

5/25kgs in plastic drum or according to order.

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