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CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber & Plastic Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou from May 21th to 24th , 2019. At that time, we will join the exhibition with Longquan Chemicals Auxiliary Co., Ltd.

Address:China Import and Export Fair Complex,Guangzhou, China.

Time:May 21th to 23th , 2019,9:30am. to 5:30pm.

      May 24th , 2019 , 9:30 am. to 4:00pm.

Booth Number:Hall 9.3 P67

「CHINAPLAS 国际橡塑展」伴随着中国塑料及橡胶行业成长已逾30年,至今已发展成为亚洲最具规模之橡塑业展会,并对中国橡塑业的发展产生了积极的推动作用。目前,「CHINAPLAS 国际橡塑展」不单是亚洲最大型的塑料及橡胶业展览会,业内人士更公认其影响力仅次于全球第一大橡塑展的德国「K展」。它不仅是橡塑业的世界第二大展会,也是全球展览业协会(UFI) 认可的塑料橡胶工业展。

With more than 30 years of growth in China's plastics and rubber industry, CHINAPLAS has developed into the largest rubber and plastics industry exhibition in Asia and has played a positive role in the development of China's rubber and plastics industry. At present, “CHINAPLAS” is not only the largest plastics and rubber industry exhibition in Asia, but also consider it as second only to the German exhibition「K Show」. It has become the world's second largest rubber industry exhibition and the UFI-approved exhibition of plastics and rubber industry.

青岛德达志成化工有限公司作为欧洲著名橡塑添加剂供应商ICG特化集团在中国大陆的唯一子公司,主要负责在亚太市场的销售以及原材料的采购和供应链服务,“欧稳德”是我司的独有品牌,展会上欧稳德®系列产品也将继续其品牌在紫外线吸收剂、光稳定剂、抗氧剂、光引发剂等传统助剂领域的全面展示,我们也将通过本次展会继续扩大与合作工厂在产品领域的合作。此外,青岛德达志成还将在本次展会推出两款新型近红外线吸收剂——OMNISTAB H-6, OMNISTAB H-9,这两款产品与2017年橡塑展推出的OMNISTAN H-3产品同属一系列,进一步丰富了我司的近红外线吸收剂系列产品,为广大用户提供更好的服务。

Deltachem(Qingdao) Co.,Ltd, as the European famous rubber additives supplier and the sole subsidiary of ICG group in mainland China , is mainly responsible for sales in Asia Pacific markets and raw materials purchasing and supplying. "OMNISTAB®" is our brand, and we will show the OMNISTAB® series products of UV absorber, light stabilizer, antioxidant, light initiator at the exhibition this time. We will also continue to expand cooperation with our partner factories through this exhibition. In addition, we will launch two new near infrared absorbers in this exhibition -- OMNISTAB H-6 and OMNISTAB H-9. These two products belong to the same series of OMNISTAN H-3 which launched in CHINAPLAS2017, which further enriches our near infrared absorber series products and provides better service for our customers.


Tangshan Longquan Chemical Auxiliary Co., Ltd, is a high-tech enterprise combining production with scientific research, and is also the first manufacturer developed low alkali HALS in mainland China. The products are mostly exported to Middle East, Korea, Japan, Europe and many other regions. Based on customer-oriented philosophy, LongquanChem will be continuously devoted to ensuing stable quality, reducing the cost and providing professional service for our customer. We have deepened our cooperation over the years, and we will continue to work hard for the domestic and foreign markets to provide better HALS products in the future.

 “Solutions by Innovation”是我们ICG集团长期追求的目标,”Plas more possibilities”是创新给橡塑行业带来无限的可能。我们也真诚期待您的加入,我们将用我们的品质和服务为您的事业成功创造!

"Solutions by Innovation" is the long-term goal of our ICG group. "Plas more possibilities" is an Innovation that brings infinite possibilities to the rubber and plastic industry. We sincerely look forward to your participation, we will use our quality and service to create your business success!

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