Omnistab BPS

Omnistab BPS

· Chemical Name:Brominated polystyrene

· CAS:88497-56-7

· Molecular formula:(C10H13Br)n

· Molecular weight:200000g/mol

Structural formula:
Omnistab BPS

BPS flame retardants have excellent thermal stability and electrical properties and are especially suitable for engineering plastics applications such as PET, PBT, PCT and polyamide (nylon). They are ideal for high temperature applications such as engineering plastics.Its stability allows it to be used where other flame retardants cannot be used.The polymer structure of BPS flame retardants makes them precipitation-free in all applications.Moreover, the excellent electrical properties are another reason to choose this flame retardant.


Storage and transportation

Store in a dry and cool environment for at least two years while maintaining the original packaging.

25kg plastic drum

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