"OMNISTAB" trademark successfully registered in Israel!


Deltachem(Qingdao) Co.,Ltd has successfully completed the registration of the trademark "OMNISTAB" in Israel on November 20th, 2023. The trademark has been approved by the Israel local Trademark Organization and obtained the"Trademark registration certificate" successfully, which is valid from July 1st, 2023 to January 31th, 2033.

Registration certificate of "OMNISTAB" in Israel


As one of the exclusive knowledge rights of enterprises, the successful registration of trademark give the enterprise exclusive trademark rights,which can prevent others from using the trademarks on the same or similar goods or services,it protects the exclusive knowledge rights and commercial profits. Moreover, the trademark also plays a positive role in enhancing corporate brand image, promoting corporate marketing and helping consumers make choices.


With the issuance of the registration certificate in Israel, Deltachem(Qingdao) Co.,Ltd has successively completed the registration of the trademark "OMNISTAB" in nearly 10 regions around the world, including Chinese mainland, Hongkong and Taiwan Province, and the trademark registration of many other countries and regions are in the full wing.It means that the trademark "OMNISTAB" has become more influential in the world, and it also represents that Deltachem(Qingdao) Co.,Ltd has gone further towards the goal of globalization.


Now, the successful registration of the trademark "OMNISTAB" in Israel has not only laid a solid foundation for the company's development of local business and product promotion, but also enhanced the company's image and brand influence. In the future, Deltachem(Qingdao) Co.,Ltd will continue to promote the registration of trademark in overseas markets, better promote "OMNISTAB" to the international market, and pave a broad road for enterprises and products.


With the successful registration of the trademark in Israel,Deltachem(Qingdao) Co.,Ltd will continue to work hard to achieve the goal of globalization of the brand and will always provide professional products and services to the partners.

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